WIN!!!… a Seat at the STYLE + Soul Workshop!

Melissa and I have decided we want our Workshop to be as much about Soul as it is about Style and so in the spirit of sharing and giving all we’ve got… we’d like to GIVE AWAY a seat in our Workshop (even if you’ve already registered b/c the winner will be chosen by a randomizing app)!

Instructions Below….
workshop seat giveaway

Here’s what you need to do to be entered to WIN:

1. Share (by clicking the Facebook ‘share’ button) our Boudoir On Film Facebook Post and ADD the hashtag #stylesoulworkshop (add your own heartfelt message if you’re moved to!). We’ll see when you share it publicly and enter you in the drawing to win. We LOVE to see your enthusiasm for the Workshop because we’re so in love with it, so please feel free to share as many times as you’d like on your page, group pages or friends pages but it must appear at least once on your page, visible to the ‘public’. You’ll be entered into the drawing for each time you post, up to 10 posts (we’re limiting it because we don’t want anyone to feel bombarded, we only want to spread the love!).

2. Tweet THIS LINK with the hashtags #stylesoulworkshop AND #boudoironfilm . Again, you’ll be entered each time you tweet the above, up to 10 times.

We will be collecting entries for ONLY TWO WEEKS, the deadline for entries is August 28th (my wedding anniversary!) at 9pm pacific time.

We will announce the WINNER on September 1st (Fashions ‘new year’)!!!
*Winning seat is not transferrable. Winning seat is for workshop seat only. If for any reason, the Workshop is rescheduled, the Winner will automatically have a seat for the re-set date.



About the Workshop….

STYLE + SOUL {How to Conceive & Create Images that Move You}

A photography workshop by Danielle Fletcher {photographer} and Melissa Hoffmann {hair & makeup artist}

*Film or Digital – don’t matter to me!
*NOT a strictly Boudoir Workshop. We’ll discuss it but it’s MORE about the creative process of putting together a portrait shoot.

Topics with Danielle:

~ Shoot Conception {how to plan & visualize the full look from location to light to styling}

~ Emotional Connection {how to tap into how & why you do what you do}

~ Client Connection {how to have a shoot YOU love by gaining trust}

~ Wardrobe Styling {how to use clothes & accessories to tell your story}

~ Re-Imagining Boudoir {how the way we photograph women impacts them, us, the industry & the world}

Topics with Melissa:

~ Hair + Makeup {Yep, Melissa will be TEACHING you many of the very same hair & makeup skills that I have her perform on shoots with me. You’ll get basics + great tips & tricks to take control of your shoots and get the look you want even if you have no professional artist with you. No more excuses!

~ Collaboration {together with Danielle, Melissa will be teaching you what you need to know if you’ve never worked with a makeup artist before or, if you currently work with an artist but aren’t seeing YOUR vision come to life}

BONUS Offer for Workshop Attendees Only

~ Create YOUR ‘Beauty Brand’ {Melissa is a master at helping women represent themselves AND their businesses by conceiving a personal style and teaching you how to create it yourself. Your Beauty Brand will blend seamlessly with your current or planned business branding so your can represent yourself AND your business the way you want. Attendees will have the opportunity to have a personal Beauty Brand session with Melissa for only $299 (regularly $1500). Limited to 3 sessions following the Workshop so make sure to book ASAP!}


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3 Responses to “WIN!!!… a Seat at the STYLE + Soul Workshop!”

  1. Lynde said:

    wow! what a delicious opportunity!

  2. Nicole said:

    Danielle, you have been such and inspiration to me! I sure hope I can win! If not, hopefully I can attend your next workshop :)

  3. Amy said:

    It would be so super ridiculous to win this. I am in LOVE with your work! Such an inspiration!