Do you find yourself somewhat shut down when it comes to being in your body?
Do you not feel fully alive or expressed?
Do you find yourself trying a lot of different styles (clothes, decor, trends etc.)?
Do you feel like you really don’t have a strong, clear identity?
Do you frequently find your sexual encounters unfulfilling… like you want… something more or something different but aren’t sure what it is?

I am THRILLED, elated, overwhelmed & grateful to introduce my new venture. I am fusing my raw, emotive, seductive brand of Boudoir Photography with my new skills as a Sexuality Coach!

I began this journey exactly 3 years ago. I’ve never felt a calling in my body like I felt that day. And that FULL story is soon to come (on the blog)!!

So for JUNE only, I am taking applications for Beta clients for my incredible new Erotic Coaching business, with the booking of a photo shoot (starting at just $799 for the Independent Shoot).

What the Discovery Session is…
An Hour-long call where we will uncover your erotic creature within.
We will remove some blocks that may be holding you back from embracing your core erotic nature.
We will learn about her… ALL about her (I can’t give away too much, but get your Pinterest board ready!).
We will embrace her.
We will give her a voice.
We will learn how you can embody her.

And then… we will photograph her.

Why should you embrace this Core Erotic Creature, on the daily? Well, my love… it will change your entire life. In ways you can’t even imagine. I know, because that’s exactly what it did for me. I’ve never felt more alive, more awakened, more embodied, more powerful, more sexy or more MYSELF, than I have since doing this work. It’s my mission to help others live their pure natures & thus, their most incredible lives.

Apply now to be a Beta client (with photo shoot) by emailing me at info@daniellefletcher.com with the subject line ‘Erotic Discovery Beta Client’. And I will send you a short questionnaire.

08.23.16 { TO STAY OR TO GO… }

Loves, as many of you know, the past 18 months has seen my life upturned. I’ve gotten smacked in the face (and on the ass) with LESSON after LESSON after LESSON. It has been a full plate of uncertainty, fear, pain and loss.

But it was also unbelievable bliss, excitement, freedom and growth.

There’s always that question. Whether it’s with a spouse, a career, a location, a crazy idea or a tie to our past… there’s always that question. ‘Do I risk everything for the simple act of feeling more MYSELF?’ Maybe, if you’re lucky, you won’t be risking everything. But even if that’s the case, it usually FEELS like we’re standing on a cliff & wondering why the HELL would we jump when we could just stay here… at least we’re SAFE, right?

And from that moment, we begin our dance with Safety & Excitement. Because, let’s be real, most of us because of our current society have much more of one than the other (at least that is our perception).

When it came time for me to end my marriage (though it was a mutual decision), it was as if the drum beat of ‘Excitement’ was so loud in my ears that I couldn’t ignore it any longer. My true nature had been carelessly buried so long ago that when I finally was able to touch her & talk to her… she WOULDN’T SHUT UP. She was like ‘OH HOLY HELL, YES! I have finally made it to your consciousness and I am NOT letting go! We’re going to DO this now, so GET ON BOARD.’ My friends are so sweet to tell me how brave I was to start a brand new life… but I can’t really take all the credit. No matter how much I cried, how much I just pulled up my covers and tried to pretend it was all a bad dream… that my best friend of 12 years was still going to be with me & that I had SECURITY… My Wild Woman had a hold on me and she wasn’t letting go for shit. So I took a deep breath, and jumped with her.

Whatever you are contemplating in your life, there is no way to begin it unless you feel SO deeply and SO strongly the value of being true to yourself. However big or small, there’s a voice in you that knows exactly what it wants to do. All you have to know is that if you do not take that leap… will you be doing/being what is true to your inner Wild self?

Beginning this November, I will be helping you uncover the Wild Self, in glorious, juicy detail, and sending you on a journey of Discovery and truth. I choose to JUMP once again!

A Brand Shoot image of the gorgeous Shauna Karine – Soul Doula (new site & so much magical goodness from her coming soon!) And as you may have noticed, my Brand Shoot site is now gone (Poof! Yay!) to make way for a totally sexy & harmonious integration with my current website. Re-Launch coming VERY soon!!!



Let’s be real. In our current culture, women tend to neglect their true nature in business. We see it clearly in typical Personal Brand Shoots. When we suppress ourselves, we send a message of shutting down instead of authenticity and acceptance. This is why, my Brand Shoot work is with clients whose work is all about up-leveling our collective energy.

When we bring our ‎raw‬, ‪sensual‬, real,‬ ‪whole‬ selves into our lives and businesses, we thrive. And we give much needed inspiration to women everywhere to embrace ALL of their beautiful facets… especially the most powerful of all… sexuality. Our life force.

Get ready for a re-launch like no other. I can’t wait to play even bigger in this field and support women like Shauna, who are on the path and guiding souls to their fullest potential.

This movement, that I am calling in, isn’t about changing the game. It isn’t about changing who we are. It isn’t about amplifying something that is naturally quiet. It is about giving a voice and an image to something that is LOUD. So loud that we can’t sleep at night, can’t focus during the day. So loud that we get frustrated at small things and we don’t know why. The voice is begging us to step into ourselves. To fully inhabit our bodies. To fully inhabit our souls. To STOP. SHUTTING. DOWN. To start being whole. To shake off the shame. To reject the status quo. To pay absolutely zero attention to what is expected and tune into what is NEEDED.

Are you ready?

Photography|Styling|Direction by Danielle
Hair|Makeup by Melissa Rangel


There’s only 2 weeks left to take advantage of the incredible SALE on the Brand Shoot. I absolutely love this facet of my photography business because it allows me to work with people I might not have had the chance to meet otherwise. If you’re an entrepreneur, an artist, an entertainer or a soul in need of a photo shoot that is dedicated to creating images that are planned, styled & directed around YOU and your brand, check it out ASAP!

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CLICK HERE TO GET ON THE LIST! or visit www.TheBrandShoot.com

11.14.13 { MISTY & ELIJAH-TO-BE }

This is Misty’s favorite image from her maternity shoot with me… and to me… it’s almost hard to look at because it reminds me so much of the work I did my first year of experimenting with photography. I was always at the beach, it was almost always overcast, I almost always shot B&W and it almost always had this mood. And it scared me. I didn’t want to go backwards. I didn’t want to show the world I haven’t grown. But then the craziness settled a bit because of course I have grown. This portion of her shoot was done completely impromptu & quickly as we were getting ready for a planned experiment with some darkness. I think that’s why this came out. My connection with Misty is a deep one and that comfort and familiarity brought out a dormant side of me that was just in her ‘zone’ and took over. It feels a little like I brought my new-ish friend Misty together with my old self so that we could come out even more deeply connected. Too woo-woo for you? oh well. That’s my theory. Because this was frankly just too easy. So thank you, my gorgeous mama to be. You are part of many awakenings!

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