Let’s be real. In our current culture, women tend to neglect their true nature in business. We see it clearly in typical Personal Brand Shoots. When we suppress ourselves, we send a message of shutting down instead of authenticity and acceptance. This is why, my Brand Shoot work is with clients whose work is all about up-leveling our collective energy.

When we bring our ‎raw‬, ‪sensual‬, real,‬ ‪whole‬ selves into our lives and businesses, we thrive. And we give much needed inspiration to women everywhere to embrace ALL of their beautiful facets… especially the most powerful of all… sexuality. Our life force.

Get ready for a re-launch like no other. I can’t wait to play even bigger in this field and support women like Shauna, who are on the path and guiding souls to their fullest potential.

This movement, that I am calling in, isn’t about changing the game. It isn’t about changing who we are. It isn’t about amplifying something that is naturally quiet. It is about giving a voice and an image to something that is LOUD. So loud that we can’t sleep at night, can’t focus during the day. So loud that we get frustrated at small things and we don’t know why. The voice is begging us to step into ourselves. To fully inhabit our bodies. To fully inhabit our souls. To STOP. SHUTTING. DOWN. To start being whole. To shake off the shame. To reject the status quo. To pay absolutely zero attention to what is expected and tune into what is NEEDED.

Are you ready?

Photography|Styling|Direction by Danielle
Hair|Makeup by Melissa Rangel

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