Do you find yourself somewhat shut down when it comes to being in your body?
Do you not feel fully alive or expressed?
Do you find yourself trying a lot of different styles (clothes, decor, trends etc.)?
Do you feel like you really don’t have a strong, clear identity?
Do you frequently find your sexual encounters unfulfilling… like you want… something more or something different but aren’t sure what it is?

I am THRILLED, elated, overwhelmed & grateful to introduce my new venture. I am fusing my raw, emotive, seductive brand of Boudoir Photography with my new skills as a Sexuality Coach!

I began this journey exactly 3 years ago. I’ve never felt a calling in my body like I felt that day. And that FULL story is soon to come (on the blog)!!

So for JUNE only, I am taking applications for Beta clients for my incredible new Erotic Coaching business, with the booking of a photo shoot (starting at just $799 for the Independent Shoot).

What the Discovery Session is…
An Hour-long call where we will uncover your erotic creature within.
We will remove some blocks that may be holding you back from embracing your core erotic nature.
We will learn about her… ALL about her (I can’t give away too much, but get your Pinterest board ready!).
We will embrace her.
We will give her a voice.
We will learn how you can embody her.

And then… we will photograph her.

Why should you embrace this Core Erotic Creature, on the daily? Well, my love… it will change your entire life. In ways you can’t even imagine. I know, because that’s exactly what it did for me. I’ve never felt more alive, more awakened, more embodied, more powerful, more sexy or more MYSELF, than I have since doing this work. It’s my mission to help others live their pure natures & thus, their most incredible lives.

Apply now to be a Beta client (with photo shoot) by emailing me at info@daniellefletcher.com with the subject line ‘Erotic Discovery Beta Client’. And I will send you a short questionnaire.

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