From Kate, With Love…

On friday, I was so sore from a great, long day of shooting the day before that I could barely even walk. My thigh was seizing up and I was so tired I couldn’t even spell my name. And then this email popped up in my inbox. And I sobbed. There are NO words I could use to express the day any better than the ones from Kate herself. I am bowled over with emotion and gratitude at having the opportunity to meet such incredible women. It is my dream and my MISSION that women feel exactly what Kate describes. This one’s for the girls. (read below image)

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Photography – Wardrobe Styling – Art Direction by Danielle Fletcher
Hair – Makeup by Melissa Hoffmann


So this morning as I instinctively stretched my legs long in the king size bed I had all to myself, an aching in my calf, a kink in my neck and a soreness in my lower back reminded me of the amazing day you gave me yesterday. Yes I felt sore but more importantly I felt accomplished and even a little unapologetic. Those feelings made me realize how much pressure I feel to constantly be thinner, leaner, taller, more “perfect”.

I was so nervous before I met both you and Melissa that I seriously considered a litany of excuses to cancel and now I am so thankful I didn’t. You made it feel like we were working as a team for some very important common goal on an exciting adventure. You reconnected me with my femininity and made me feel beautiful, gorgeous and of course sexy. And you made the day incredibly fun.

It was amazing watching you brood while waiting on hair and makeup and then seeing your passion ignite as soon as there was a camera between the two of us. Your direction made me feel like you were totally in control and I had nothing to worry about (even standing there stark naked). Most people spend a lifetime trying to find their calling, us girls are lucky you found your craft so early on.

If only I could give each woman a glimpse of that beautiful, confident feeling you gave me for herself I think the world would be much better off and we would all stop wishing for someone else’s body.

Thanks for making me feel like I have the greatest two new best friends in the world! Can’t wait to see the images!!



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One Response to “From Kate, With Love…”

  1. Kim Mallory said:

    This is so great. You’ve given Kate a gift and little does she know, she gave you a gift too… which is much deserved and needed!! xo