Have you been saying to yourself “I missed out before”. “I will do it next year”. “I feel like this is right but I feel guilty about spending money on myself”.

Oh my sisters (and bros)… I have been there. I have put off and put off and excused away for a myriad of ‘right’ and ‘logical’ reasons. I have felt guilt (even shame), I have avoided, I have prayed, I have cursed, I have cried, I have ran away from, I have made HUNDREDS, probably THOUSANDS of excuses to not go after what I wanted. I was afraid. I didn’t want to be wrong. I didn’t want to be pushed. I didn’t want to do what it really required to STEP UP to the plate and play the game I love so so much. I kept saying no. Over and over until I didn’t remember why I was saying no.

And the moment came when I wanted something with not my mind but my heart SO badly… that I stopped and said to myself ‘I WILL make this happen because this is what I want’… Guess what? It DID. And it paid off in ways I’m still seeing surface. I can’t imagine my life had I not jumped at that call. When we invest in ourselves… when we invest in our passion, THAT is when the magic happens. Not when we spend $ on what we ‘think’ we have to do, not when we waste time going to that convention or that gathering or that networking event (when our instincts are crying out NOOOOOOOO!!! That isn’t the way I want to do this!’). But we go anyway and we struggle to learn and feel grateful for the experience and to say it was a “good investment” and we hope and pray it will pay off.

This is your call. This is where YOUR magic can happen.

From the blog of Tracie DeCecco (STYLE + Soul Workshop student 2013)

“There are probably not words good enough to adequately describe how life changing, and work changing my two days in Santa Barbara learning under the fabulous, tough, encouraging, talented and inspiring Danielle Fletcher, and super talented makeup artist Melissa Hoffman were…. I realized that there was something missing in my work, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Until Danielle…

I was pushed and pushed and pushed by Danielle to dig deep, and it was good. Uncomfortable yes. But so very necessary and good. She showed us how to bring in storytelling, and really connect with our clients. And most importantly, to slow down. Breathe, and slow down. Melissa taught us three easy to do makeup looks that we could do ourselves if we needed to, or if we needed to be able to get our makeup artist on the same page as us. Putting it all together from planning, to wardrobe and location choices, to the hair and make up was such a great learning experience for helping us take control of our shoots and get the results we want.”

This years workshop will be right here in the bay area, in the stunningly beautiful Napa, CA. Napa is like a second home to me. Spending over 25 years of my life just 30 minutes away, Napa felt like the same earth, just bathed with more beauty, relaxation, possibilities and lush romance. So I would escape there for the day, just to have lunch. Just to drive up Hwy 29 and take in my favorite view (looking west-ward just past Yountville). Napa is earth, growth, magic and beauty. I am so excited to invite YOU there in October! We have a private, STUNNING location and I am absolutely giddy about what kind of gorgeousness we all will create.

This year there’s two exciting announcements… #1, You can STAY with us at our private location! We only have 2 extra rooms and they will go FAST. And #2, I am offering a one-on-one mentor session to one of the attendees for about 75% off the normal cost. So if you want to go deeper and take yourself even higher, let’s make it happen!

This workshop is not just about Boudoir. Yes, everything I do has a sensual aspect to it and that’s just what I put under the ‘boudoir photography’ umbrella. But what we will learn will help you in any of your portrait photography when it comes to photographing women. We’ll be learning my favorite hair & makeup looks that I do on almost every shoot from Melissa, yes, YOU will learn to CREATE these looks yourself. Why? So that if you don’t have a makeup artist, you can start building the portfolio of work that YOU want and if you DO have a makeup artist who (we will teach you to communicate with), you can get these non-traditional looks much easier from them. I’ll also be teaching you wardrobe skills so that your clients look their best while building a stronger look for your shoot story.

And of course, we’ll be practicing client connection (why connecting with women is everything and how to make it meaningful for both of you), client direction, shooting tips, and of course, creating a full story with your images.

This workshop already has 2 spots taken (because of 2 students that weren’t able to make it last year gave me notice in time to re-book their spots) and it is going to be VERY small because of the private location restrictions and because that’s just how I roll. Everyone will get practice, feedback, support and more practice!

Registration for the STYLE + Soul Workshop 2014 opens TOMORROW at 10am PST!
If you’re done saying ‘next time’ to your hearts desires and your passion… say YES and we’ll see you in Napa!!!
Danielle & Melissa



I’m thrilled to share more of this incredible woman’s shoot… We had such a blast on this day and I came away feeling so honored to know her and to be part of her journey. Boudoir photography is like nothing else when it comes to connecting with a woman and feeling shifts happen before your eyes. I loved seeing how lit up she was when I delivered her two stunning albums. I don’t know how beautiful she felt before her shoot but I know she saw it after. Boudoir photography isn’t a miracle, it isn’t therapy and I don’t make people look completely different. But it IS magic. It DOES take the beauty I see and elevate it to where it truly belongs. I’m so glad I had this stunning, charming and extremely intelligent muse to create with.

boudoir photography san francisco
boudoir photography san francisco
boudoir photography san francisco
boudoir photography san francisco
boudoir photography san francisco
boudoir photography san francisco

Makeup & Hair by Melissa Hoffmann



I’ve been researching pleasure for the last four months. Yes, pleasure. How it affects us and our lives and our bodies. It has been absolutely fascinating in not only how we’re benefitted but how it affects everything around us as well. It’s incredible how much better our bodies function, we are healthier, we metabolize better, we are more alert, we are more attuned and obviously, much happier. And the ways in which we can add pleasure in our lives, especially as women are nearly endless. And from what my clients tell me, their boudoir photo shoot is at the top of their list of pleasurable experiences. It’s a full day of being a model and feeling gorgeous and I like to think my own energy and way of working is something that makes it an experience that changes women on a cellular level, not just for a day.

And here’s a great example, the gorgeous Kayla. A client turned friend who has had such a transformation from the time she first contacted me. I’m so proud of her and all she has accomplished and I just adore her completely.




Northern California has an epic and endless array of locations for photography. But sometimes, when it comes to emotive Boudoir photography…. all you need is a little corner to bring a woman to life.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next STYLE + Soul Workshop this fall!

boudoir photography northern california
boudoir photography northern california
boudoir photography northern california



What we think, we create. It’s not a new idea by any stretch. But truly taking ownership of that fact, is sometimes a tough pill to swallow. Personally, believing I can create a different outcome in certain areas of my life is scary. Change is scary. It’s biologically predetermined to be frightened of the unknown. So we avoid it. But I have to be either content to ride out the fate I’ve created by my past thoughts and accept the outcome for myself and those who love me…. or I can start getting comfortable with a different outcome. I can start living ‘as if’. I can start believing that my thoughts do carry that kind of power. Because they do.

When it comes to photography, especially boudoir photography, the power of thought is everything. The vulnerability is huge. The risk is huge. The more powerful our thoughts, the more successfully we can orchestrate our shoots. The more powerful our thoughts, the more we can create beauty… on film and in the hearts of the women in front of the camera.

power boudoir