I had the immense pleasure of creating a Boudoir shoot for the incredible Isabel Foxen Duke (see her blog here).
This image was just too delicious not to share immediately. I love how raw and sexy this woman is… she is unafraid and she plays all in.
And yes she screamed when Misty & I dumped water over her. LOUDLY.

raw boudoir

Don’t worry, there’s more to come :)



I didn’t know when I moved from my beloved Sonoma County to the SF Peninsula that I would feel so… alone. I didn’t know that a 90 minute drive meant losing so much. We can’t usually predict feeling kind of abandoned. But the story I’d told myself my whole life about me being a ‘loner’ was feeling more & more real. Being somewhere new after 30 put me in a unique position to either create myself and my life almost entirely from scratch… or just drift along, hoping for someone to help me create it.

I met this gorgeous woman one day at her little day-spa space and immediately felt a connection and a sense of relief. Her spirit, her sassiness, her openness, her caring and her no-holds-barred brand of girl talk was like an oasis. I’m so grateful she wanted to do this shoot with me.

I took her WAY out of her comfort zone with her styling and she was a typical, fabulous client and let me do whatever I wanted. She wasn’t used to the clothes or the hair/makeup we did but she was ALL in and was excited to do something different and fresh. I love exploring deeper into women’s personas when it comes to styling and this is such a beautiful example.

And so here she is… representing a little piece of my heart & imagination… turning feeling abandoned into some beautiful magic.

boudoir photography desert
boudoir photography desert
boudoir photography desert
boudoir photography desert
boudoir photography desert
boudoir photography desert
boudoir photography desert
boudoir photography desert
boudoir photography desert
boudoir photography desert

Art Direction, Wardrobe Styling & Photography by Danielle Fletcher
Hair/Makeup by Misty Spinney



Is this title some sort of inside joke? Possibly. But I’ll risk it. Because this woman was so fabulous and lovely and delightful and fun and alive that our inside joke just HAD to have a place in her honor.

Jenn… you are everything. Thank you for choosing me to style, direct and capture your gorgeousness. I always have fun on shoots but your enthusiasm and willingness to follow me into the crazy depths of my imagination were like a giddy, outrageous FIRE that lit me and everyone around you WAY WAY up.

This entrepreneurial beauty had flown across the US for the week and honestly, experiencing the SF bay with her was like seeing it for the first time. Too much fun. Especially this particular series of images…

Okay, so, about our inside ‘joke’ (which is pretty easy to guess, I admit)… I don’t do glamour portraits, especially not for boudoir photography, but I tried to explain to Jenn that there is an element of glamour in what I do… it’s just edgy/deconstructed it’s…. it’s…. you guessed it, Dangerous! Yes, we were hashtagging everything we said like giant dorks and laughing way louder than our lame jokes deserved. That’s pretty much how I know I love her.


*hair/makeup by Melissa Hoffmann


WIN IT!!! A SEAT AT THE STYLE + Soul Workshop 2014!

I got that little heart tug… you know the kind where you don’t really understand it but your soul is speaking to you… pulling you in a direction you’re not sure about? That’s what happened last year when I announced the Contest. I didn’t know why… I just wanted to send this gift out, hoping it would turn into something.

And what it turned into was Tracie, from Canada, making a HELL of a lot of sacrifices just to get down to Santa Barbara to come to the Workshop. Tracie arrived at the door, tired, listless, folded into herself and if I’m being honest, I thought she was going to tell me to F-off and then she was going to walk right back out the door. Tracie had gone through a lot her past couple years. And to me, it showed. I was terrified I could not impact this woman. I was so afraid she would leave regretful and in tears and that my little free seat would’ve actually COST her something.

But there was a bigger plan in place. What happened (after a lot of putting her head between her hands) was she started looking at me for more than 1 second at a time. Then she looked like she was processing. Then she took notes. Then she began to engage. She asked questions. She participated. She put her ego aside and practiced pushing herself while I supported her. THEN… she came alive. Her embers caught some air and she lit up. She took everything I’d taught her the previous day and that morning and she gained momentum. She SMILED. She took CHARGE. She stepped into her genius and she became a living example of why it’s so important to go after what you really want in life. She made me beyond proud. She lit ME up.

I want to give YOU that opportunity. If you’re a photographer who feels the pull… if you know that there’s something waiting for you at this Workshop…

Here’s what you need to do to be entered to WIN:

1. SHARE THE FACEBOOK POST by clicking the Facebook ‘share’ button on THIS POST HERE. and ADD the hashtag #stylesoulworkshop to your post (add your own heartfelt message if you’re moved to!).

Feel free to share as many times as you’d like on your page, group pages or friends pages but it must appear visible to the ‘public’(to do this, click on the small icon next to the time of your post and select ‘public’ or do so while composing your message). That way, I can count it!

You’ll be entered into the drawing for each time you post it to the ‘public’, up to 10 posts (It’s limited because I don’t want anyone to feel bombarded, I only want to spread the love!).

2. TWEET IT! Copy & Tweet:

I want to win a seat at Danielle Fletcher’s Workshop! #stylesoulworkshop http://bit.ly/1kC1q1a

(& anything else you’d like to say! Don’t forget that hashtag!)
Again, you’ll be entered each time you tweet the above, up to 10 times.

Re-Gram this Instagram Post (HERE) (making sure to use @daniellefletcherstyle in your Re-gram) just once and I’ll count it as two votes (extra credit, baby)!

I will be collecting entries for ONLY TWO WEEKS, the deadline for entries is August 28th at 6pm pacific time.

I will announce the WINNER on September 1st (Fashions ‘new year’)!!!

Ps. Even if you don’t WIN, I still might have something fabulous up my sleeve for you if you enter!!!

*Winning seat is not transferrable. Winning seat is for workshop seat only. Enrolled attendees are eligible. If you are chosen, your fee is refunded.

To Register NOW and claim your spot, click the ‘Workshop’ link above or click here.

HUGE THANK YOU TO INDIE FILM LAB for sponsoring the STYLE + Soul Workshop. Your lab skills combined with your genuine Southern hospitality and absolutely un-matched customer service make this girl VERY happy!



Have you been saying to yourself “I missed out before”. “I will do it next year”. “I feel like this is right but I feel guilty about spending money on myself”.

Oh my sisters (and bros)… I have been there. I have put off and put off and excused away for a myriad of ‘right’ and ‘logical’ reasons. I have felt guilt (even shame), I have avoided, I have prayed, I have cursed, I have cried, I have ran away from, I have made HUNDREDS, probably THOUSANDS of excuses to not go after what I wanted. I was afraid. I didn’t want to be wrong. I didn’t want to be pushed. I didn’t want to do what it really required to STEP UP to the plate and play the game I love so so much. I kept saying no. Over and over until I didn’t remember why I was saying no.

And the moment came when I wanted something with not my mind but my heart SO badly… that I stopped and said to myself ‘I WILL make this happen because this is what I want’… Guess what? It DID. And it paid off in ways I’m still seeing surface. I can’t imagine my life had I not jumped at that call. When we invest in ourselves… when we invest in our passion, THAT is when the magic happens. Not when we spend $ on what we ‘think’ we have to do, not when we waste time going to that convention or that gathering or that networking event (when our instincts are crying out NOOOOOOOO!!! That isn’t the way I want to do this!’). But we go anyway and we struggle to learn and feel grateful for the experience and to say it was a “good investment” and we hope and pray it will pay off.

This is your call. This is where YOUR magic can happen.

From the blog of Tracie DeCecco (STYLE + Soul Workshop student 2013)

“There are probably not words good enough to adequately describe how life changing, and work changing my two days in Santa Barbara learning under the fabulous, tough, encouraging, talented and inspiring Danielle Fletcher, and super talented makeup artist Melissa Hoffman were…. I realized that there was something missing in my work, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Until Danielle…

I was pushed and pushed and pushed by Danielle to dig deep, and it was good. Uncomfortable yes. But so very necessary and good. She showed us how to bring in storytelling, and really connect with our clients. And most importantly, to slow down. Breathe, and slow down. Melissa taught us three easy to do makeup looks that we could do ourselves if we needed to, or if we needed to be able to get our makeup artist on the same page as us. Putting it all together from planning, to wardrobe and location choices, to the hair and make up was such a great learning experience for helping us take control of our shoots and get the results we want.”

This years workshop will be right here in the bay area, in the stunningly beautiful Napa, CA. Napa is like a second home to me. Spending over 25 years of my life just 30 minutes away, Napa felt like the same earth, just bathed with more beauty, relaxation, possibilities and lush romance. So I would escape there for the day, just to have lunch. Just to drive up Hwy 29 and take in my favorite view (looking west-ward just past Yountville). Napa is earth, growth, magic and beauty. I am so excited to invite YOU there in October! We have a private, STUNNING location and I am absolutely giddy about what kind of gorgeousness we all will create.

This year there’s two exciting announcements… #1, You can STAY with us at our private location! We only have 2 extra rooms and they will go FAST. And #2, I am offering a one-on-one mentor session to one of the attendees for about 75% off the normal cost. So if you want to go deeper and take yourself even higher, let’s make it happen!

This workshop is not just about Boudoir. Yes, everything I do has a sensual aspect to it and that’s just what I put under the ‘boudoir photography’ umbrella. But what we will learn will help you in any of your portrait photography when it comes to photographing women. We’ll be learning my favorite hair & makeup looks that I do on almost every shoot from Melissa, yes, YOU will learn to CREATE these looks yourself. Why? So that if you don’t have a makeup artist, you can start building the portfolio of work that YOU want and if you DO have a makeup artist who (we will teach you to communicate with), you can get these non-traditional looks much easier from them. I’ll also be teaching you wardrobe skills so that your clients look their best while building a stronger look for your shoot story.

And of course, we’ll be practicing client connection (why connecting with women is everything and how to make it meaningful for both of you), client direction, shooting tips, and of course, creating a full story with your images.

This workshop already has 2 spots taken (because of 2 students that weren’t able to make it last year gave me notice in time to re-book their spots) and it is going to be VERY small because of the private location restrictions and because that’s just how I roll. Everyone will get practice, feedback, support and more practice!

Registration for the STYLE + Soul Workshop 2014 opens TOMORROW at 10am PST!
If you’re done saying ‘next time’ to your hearts desires and your passion… say YES and we’ll see you in Napa!!!
Danielle & Melissa